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Pubic Hair Program

Eat the rich. Tax the rich. There is no ethical way to become a billionaire, let alone a multi-millionaire. Why don't companies do more to support the communities that make them their millions? Why are so many people struggling just to survive when we live in an age of billionaires? The Pubic Hair Program is in place to give back to you and organizations who are working towards a better society and equality towards minority groups. Keep scrolling to see how we do this. 

Total Donations


Love is Love


Whoever makes a purchase! No minimum dollar amount. Buy a sticker, or buy 3 shirts. We also share the wealth with organizations like The Trevor Project and Planned Parenthood who provide safe spaces for the people we love.

Tote Bag

How & How Much?

It is cash, no store credit BS. We can send through Venmo, CashApp, or Paypal. The price will vary quarter to quarter.  On higher profit months, we can have multiple people to send $$ to. 

Payment Objects


At the end of each quarter our team will randomly select from our orders we received within that quarter. You can expect to hear who was selected within the first week of the following month on our Instagram. Follow us to stay in the loop. 

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